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Bleach is a must-have in every home. Not only is it an effective cleaner, but it also helps to remove stains. With one single product, you can wash light-colored clothes, remove tough stains, and clean drains and bathrooms.

Available in the Classic (white bottle) and Traditional (green bottle) versions.


Sanitary Water

Can you imagine having a cleaning product that makes your routine easier, making your home a more cozy and sanitized place? Having this result in your home is simple and easy with Water Sanitary 6×1 by Girando Sol!

Check below the benefits of our bleach, in which environments you can have this product as your strong ally and what are the correct ways to handle it. Check below:

Benefits: 6×1 product!

Bleach is a chemical compound, formed by an aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite, widely used to help care for environments, mainly because it has characteristics that fit the profile of disinfectants and bleach.

With that in mind, Girando has developed a Sanitary Water that doesn’t stop there, our two models, both classic (white bottle) and traditional (green bottle), have bleaching, thymus cleaning, heavy cleaning, stain removal, bactericidal and fungicidal functions. , even eliminating the coronavirus.

Main Sanitary Water applications

As we mentioned earlier, Sanitary Water can be used as a disinfectant, so its application is very welcome in bathrooms, mainly to clean toilets, eliminating viruses and bacteria, but it can also be used to clean surfaces such as floors and walls.

It can also help in the laundry area at home, since it is possible to apply it as a tira- stains with chlorine for white garments.

How to use bleach correctly?

A very important point when talking about Sanitary Water is the way in which we are going to handle it, because it is composed of toxic substances for our organism, therefore, without using gloves, avoid contact with the skin and always keep it away out of reach of children and animals for safety.

Another point that demonstrates its intensity of action is that both for application on clothes and for cleaning the rooms in your house, the ideal is to use a ratio of 10 ml to 1 liter, so that it will carry out its action, but without offering dangers.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the disposal of this chemical product, if it must be carried out, you must send it to the appropriate place, such as a water treatment plant or chemical collection point. Never dispose of the product down a sink or toilet as it may cause damage to the environment and the sewer system.

On our website you will find a single page of dicas to find out how to use cleaning products in the best way to facilitate your routine and leave your home even more cheerful and comfortable!

Count on Girando Sol to make your home comfortable and clean!

Now that you know a little more about our bleach, a cleaning product that is so essential to take care of our environment, especially those we love, be sure to get to know our other products, such as degreaser, liquid wax, washing machine and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to use bleach as a disinfectant?

The ideal is to make a ratio of 10 ml of bleach to 1 liter of running water and dip a cloth in this solution, applying with a squeegee and gloves.

What microorganisms does bleach eliminate?

Sanitary water eliminates bacteria, fungi and viruses, including the coronavirus.

Can bleach be used to disinfect food?

It is possible, however it is not recommended, as bleach is a toxic product.

Does bleach kill the coronavirus?

Yes! Girando Sol bleach is capable of eliminating the coronavirus!