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Wash liquid clothes

Girando Sol Liquid Wash features a new formula, enriched with active enzymes that provide a deep cleaning of fabrics, offering the perfect wash for every moment. With several options available, such as full action, hypoallergenic, coconut and glycerin, our washing liquid guarantees the best results!

We offer the liquid washing machine in three different sizes (1L, 2L, 3L and 5L), to meet your needs and make your daily routine more practical. It is important to emphasize that all our products are dermatologically tested and recommended by pediatricians, guaranteeing safety and care for you and your family.

Characteristics and benefits of Liquid Clothes Wash

Using a washing liquid in your home laundry routine will make taking care of your home and the people who live with you even greater. Check below what are the main features of this product and what benefits its use will provide for your home:


Liquid laundry detergent is a product that does not need to be applied in large quantities. That way, just put a small amount of the product in the washing machine or in the bucket, and your pieces will come out clean, fragrant and with a pleasant touch.

Can be applied to different fabrics

Another benefit of washing liquid clothes is that it adapts to the most diverse types of fabrics with ease. Its application can be done on the heaviest clothes, even the most delicate ones, including colored and white pieces.

Intense cleaning without harming

Liquid laundry also provides intense cleaning, due to its enzymatic biotechnology. It performs this cleaning without harming the pieces or leaving residues accumulated in its fibers, providing that touch of lightness that we love so much when wearing clothes.

How to wash the garments using liquid laundry detergent

Hand wash

To wash your garments by hand, an alternative is to take a bowl of water, apply a small amount of washing liquid, apply it to the water and mix. Then dip the piece in water, rub gently and rinse.

Washing in the washing machine

For machine washing, just put the amount indicated for the number of clothes you will be washing in the specific compartment for the washing machine and put the machine to beat.

Cleaning products for your clothes is at Girando Sol!

The clothes care routine is much easier as the liquid wash isn’t it? So what are you waiting for to discover our other products from the clothing care line? Visit our website and discover other products such as diluted fabric softener or perfumed bleach, to you fall even more in love with the care of your clothes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the washing liquid suitable for all types of fabrics?

Yes, washing liquid is suitable for most fabrics such as cotton, polyester, silk and linen. But, it's always important to check the instructions on the washing label for each fabric.

Can liquid laundry be used for hand washing?

Yes, the washing liquid can be used for both hand and machine washing.

Does washing liquid remove simple everyday stains?

Yes, if your parts have small dirt, the washing machine is able to eliminate them, but if there are stubborn stains, the ideal is to use a scented bleach or a chlorine-free stain remover.

Can washing liquid cause allergies or skin irritations?

All Girando Sol washing liquids are dermatologically tested, and for people with sensitive skin, we have a hypoallergenic one to avoid possible allergies and irritations