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Our chlorine-free stain removers are a must-have in your laundry room. As they are multi-purpose agents, they remove tough stains without damaging your clothes. A chlorine-free formula will make your white clothes whiter, without affecting other colors.

Chlorine-free stain remover

Remove stains without chlorine

Can you imagine removing stains from your light and dark clothes without damaging or fading them? With the Stainless Remover by Girando Sol it is possible to reach this goal, with a product that removes the most difficult stains!

Check out in this content how the Girando Sol stain remover works, what its benefits are and how to remove the deepest stains from your chlorine-free garments!

Remove Rotating Sun stains

Girando Sol Chlorine-free Stain Remover is a powerful product that acts on the most difficult stains, it has the power of oxygen with the combination of enzymes and mild cleaning agents that help to break down the molecules of the stains, without fading or damaging the tissue.

It is mainly used to eliminate organic stains caused by juices, wines, blood, sweat or fats and can be applied to both white and colored garments, as it does not contain chlorine. perfumed bleach, for example, is a product that can only be applied to white garments, as it contains active chlorine, and if applied to colored clothes, it can stain.

Our chlorine-free stain remover is also antibacterial, eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacteria from your parts, providing more safety for your family.

Benefits of chlorine-free stain remover

Using chlorine-free stain remover brings several benefits and some of them are:

Remove difficult stains from colored pieces

As we mentioned earlier, the chlorine-free stain remover is capable of removing the most difficult stains from colored pieces, which is not possible with products containing chlorine. That’s because chlorine fades the color of colorful clothes.

Easy to use

The chlorine-free stain remover is an extremely easy-to-use product, making it easier to take care of clothes on a daily basis. Check out how to use it below:

How to remove the deepest stains without chlorine?

To remove the most difficult stains, just add a little product in the region and let it act for a few minutes. Then rub the stained region and take it to the washing machine with washing liquid and diluted fabric softener.

If the stain on your clothing is small and in several areas, we advise you to soak the garment in a solution of water with 1 or 2 caps of the stain remover, depending on the size of the garment.

After that, rub and repeat the washing process mentioned above, which can also be carried out with washing powder and concentrated fabric softener.

Cleaning products for your clothes is at Girando Sol!

Now that you already know everything about our chlorine-free stain remover, be sure to get to know our other cleaning products for the clothing line, and the others home cleaning products designed to make your home even more comfortable!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to remove stains without chlorine products?

Yes! With Girando Sol's chlorine-free stain remover, it is possible to remove the most stubborn stains from clothes.

Can stain removers fade clothes?

Com o tira-manchas da Girando Sol, suas peças não perdem a cor nem a qualidade.

Does chlorine stain remover ruin the parts?

For this product, there is an indication of use that must be followed properly, due to chlorine. Using it properly, there is no risk of damaging the parts!

Does chlorine-free stain remover take out the toughest stains?

Yes! Including white pieces!