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What color immediately makes you think of deep cleaning? White! That is why it should be flawless in its whiteness. Our stain remover is also a powerful disinfectant, which effectively cleans both clothes and surfaces. But that’s not all: it leaves a fresh fragrance, giving you a unique sensation of comfort.

Scented stain remover

Bleach with perfume

Imagine being able to remove the most difficult stains, such as wine and coffee from your white clothes? Also, leave them fragrant and soft without ruining the fabric? All of this is possible with perfumed bleach by Girando Sol!

Find out below what bleach is, a little more about the formula and action of this product, all the benefits that accompany it and how to use bleach > easily remove stains from your white clothes.

What is bleach?

Bleach is a cleaning product that has additives in its composition that are capable of removing stains, and may or may not have chlorine. Chlorine bleaches are indicated for white and lighter clothes, while remove stains without chlorine</a > are used to remove stains from colored items.

How does bleach work?

They are oxidizing products that, through chemical reactions, cause the reduction of other compounds, such as dirt and stains, eliminating them and making your clothes and home environments even more harmonious and sanitized.

Spinning Sun Perfumed Bleach

Given the benefits of bleach, Girando Sol has developed a scented bleach with a 6-in-1 function to make your routine easier, leaving your home a happy, comfortable and pleasant environment.

In one bottle we managed to gather a single product that whitens, perfumes, is bactericidal, removes stains, disinfects and removes slime. In this way, it becomes an ally in the laundry room, alongside the fabric softener and washing machines, removing stains , without damaging the parts, and also allowing it to be used, for example, to disinfect the environment, helping with heavier cleanings.

Thinking of bringing a product that facilitates your routine and adapts perfectly to your home and your preferences, our scented bleaches are available in lemon, floral and lavender fragrances.

How to remove stains from your clothes?

You already know all about our scented bleach, but do you know how to get stains out of white clothes with bleach? That’s exactly what we’re going to teach you now!

To eliminate stains from your whites, you must make a proportion of 1 liter of water to 10 ml of clothes bleach and let it soak for about 15 minutes and then rinse with plenty of water and wash normally with laundry liquid or powder and fabric softener.

In addition to this tip, we have several tips, including how to remove yellow stains on white clothes , be sure to check it out!

Excellent cleaning products you can find at Girando Sol!

Now that you already know our bleach with perfume, be sure to check out our other product lines, such as degreaser, liquid wax and perfumed cleaner, intended to facilitate your routine and make your home an even more comfortable and happy environment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use laundry bleach to clean the house?

Yes! Girando Sol perfume bleach is a 6-in-1 product: it bleaches, perfumes, is bactericidal, removes stains, disinfects and removes slime.

Does the bleach have chlorine?

Yes! Therefore, it is indicated to use only in light parts.

Bleach leaves the piece with a strong smell?

Girando Sol scented bleach removes stains and perfumes your clothes. Available in fragrances: lemon, floral and lavender.

How to apply bleach on clothes to whiten them without damaging them?

To apply bleach to your white pieces to whiten them without damaging them, the ideal is to apply an amount of 10 ml to 1 liter when they are already clean