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we produce confort for you to

Feel good where you are

Life gets much more enjoyable when you take breaks, doesn’t it? And these breaks get even better when you are in a clean, healthy, fresh smelling space.

We believe that healthy environments are happier.

For this reason, we develop high-quality cleaning products to be sold at a fair price, so that all the families can take well-being home.

We feel delighted to go into people’s homes and create comfortable experiences. To do so, we have a skilled team offering quick service and a transparent relationship with our customers and business partners.

With freedom of choice, life gets much more simple.


We value happiness from the little things: the touch of soft bed linens, the coziness of fresh smelling clothes, the pleasure of being in a clean environment. But why choose between enjoying these things and saving money? Leave it to us and you'll be able to choose both!

We offer hygiene and cleaning solutions to create healthy environments in which people feel food. And this doesn’t need to cost too much. We also believe that healthy people do healthy business. For this reason, we use flexibility and competitiveness, so that our customers and buyers can have excellent products and great results.


A history of clean environments and happy people.

Our journey began with a homemade fabric softener in the city of Arroio do Meio, state of Rio Grande do Sul, in April of 1991. As soon as we found the perfect formula for the product, we began to sell it in our region.

With the growing interest of families, we have increased production capacity and crossed borders. We reached the entire South region, Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso and went to Uruguay and Paraguay with great ethics and transparency.

O nosso mix de produtos cresceu e hoje conta com 14 linhas, somando mais de 140 itens voltados à limpeza doméstica. O melhor de tudo é saber que cada um deles contribui diariamente com ambientes mais sadios e pessoas mais felizes.

This history has everything to be even greater. Because our dream is to captivate much more Brazilians! We want to keep taking comfort and cleanliness into thousands of households, including yours.

Shall we create this future together?

We make more than products, we produce comfort for a happier life.

Shall we create more pleasant moments?

We love clean environments, because we believe that they contribute to a happier life. If you also think so, our doors are open to your talent!

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