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You know that great sensation of feeling comfortable in your own clothes? This is the pleasant effect of our fabric softeners. With a soft, long-lasting fragrance, they make ironing easier and help fabric last longer. Discover how it feels to enjoy ultimate comfort every day!

Available in the Traditional and Concentred versions.

Fabric softener

Diluted fabric softener

You know that feeling of wearing clothes and feeling like you’re being hugged by it? It is exactly this feeling that our fabric softeners produce. The diluted fabric softener is one of the products in our line of fabric softeners that have a modernized, smooth and super long-lasting scent, which leaves the garment extremely soft, responsible for that cozy feeling we love.

In this content, find out what are the main characteristics of Diluted Sun Softener, its benefits and how to use it. Stay until the end of the text so you don’t miss any information!

Diluted Sun Spinning Softener

Our Diluted Softener has a modern technology of active capsules with essential oils that are responsible for leaving a feeling of perfume for much longer in your clothes.

In addition, our entire fabric softener line is dermatologically tested, available in different sizes (500 ml, 2L and 5L) and in the fragrances secret passion, floral paris, pure magic, roses and lavender, herbal freshness, mild morning and delicate talc.

Characteristics and benefits of Diluted Softener

Using fabric softener in the process of cleaning your clothes is essential to make them even cozier. Check below what are the main benefits that these characteristics allow you to have in your pieces:

Softness in clothes

The first benefit of diluted fabric softener is softness. It is able to soften fabric fibers, making clothes more comfortable to the touch, giving that feeling of being embraced by the clothes we love so much and bringing that necessary comfort for everyday life.

Reduction of friction

In addition to the softness, an advantage that many people do not know is that the diluted softener reduces the friction between the fibers of the fabrics during washing and drying, which prevents damage and excessive wear to the clothes, so that they last longer, without being damaged during washes.

Nice scent

There’s nothing like picking up clothes from the closet and smelling that delicious smell before wearing them, right? The diluted softener perfumes the garments, providing a feeling of freshness and cleanliness when wearing them.

How to use Diluted Softener

Hand wash

To use diluted fabric softener when washing clothes by hand, you can add the fabric softener to a basin or bucket of water after adding laundry liquid enough for the amount of clothes to be washed. Soak the clothes in water one by one, rub the fabrics carefully, rinse and squeeze out excess water.

Washing in the washing machine

If you are using a washing machine, after putting the clothes in the machine and placing the washing machine in the specific compartment for the washing machine, just add the softener in the other compartment of the machine that is destined for the softener.

Cleaning products for your clothes is at Girando Sol!

What are you waiting for to make your clothes more fragrant and cozy? Purchase the softener diluted with the perfume of your choice and discover our other cleaning products, especially the clothing line that has products such as concentrated fabric softener, washes liquid clothes and washes powdered clothes , to make comfort and well-being more part of your life, together with Girando Sol!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Girando Sol's main diluted fabric softener fragrances?

The main fragrances are pure magic, secret passion, floral paris, roses and lavender, soft morning, herbal freshness and delicate talc.

Does Girando Sol have diluted hypoallergenic fabric softener?

Girando Sol has a delicate talc fragrance that is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic.

Is it necessary to mix the softener diluted with water before putting it in the machine?

No, the diluted fabric softener is placed directly in the machine, without the need for dilution, as the product is already diluted in its formula.

Are there any special precautions when using diluted fabric softener?

It is essential to always follow the instructions for use on the back of the package to use it correctly and have an even better result.